Medieval Music for a Medieval Feast – Private Function – February 2017

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We are working on a presentation of Medieval music for a private function in February 2017.

This is an extreme change from our well known Christmas music we worked on in December 2016.

The following are only a few of the pieces we will be performing.

We start off with “Alle Psallite”, a joyous motet, praising God with a full and devoted heart, composed around 1250,  “Alleluia Psallat”, composed around 1400,  “Deo Gracias Anglia”, composed to celebrate Britain’s victory after the battle of Agincourt, C 1415,  John Dunstable’s lovely “Quam Pulchra Es”, How Beautiful You Are.

We continue with the famous “Sumer Is Icumen In”, then a version of “Or Est Baiars” by Adam de la Halle C1245-1300, “La Tricotea sa Martin”, “Ecco la Primavera Ballatta” by Francesco Landini, and “Cinc, un treze” by Guillaume de Machaut C1300-1377.

We have slipped in a 14th Century Carol “Angelus ad Virginem”.

Also included is a selection from many anonymous composers and it seems a shame not to know their names.

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