A Concert of Love, Loss, and Passion

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“Love, Loss, and Passion: A Musical Tour of Renaissance Europe” will be on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 3 pm at Grace Lutheran Church, 1107 Main St West, Hamilton. Donations gratefully accepted. Reception to follow.

Under the leadership of our new Music Director David Federman, we’ll explore the themes of love, loss and passion on 150-year time-trip of Renaissance Europe. In the space of 90 minutes, we trace how the music developed as it traveled from France, Italy, Germany, the low countries, and finally, England.

Spring is a time of preoccupation with love of life, joy–especially as acted out in dance–, the beauty of youth, and physical attraction, as well as unrequited or spurned love. Our transcriptions of madrigals–4-, 5-, or 6-part vocal pieces originally sung one on a part–express these themes. So we play, among others, Arcadelt’s gentle Il bianco e dolce cigno (The white and gentle swan), a metaphor for physical love; the passionate delight of Cornago’s Gentil dama (Gentle Lady); and Claude Le Jeune’s Revecy venir du printans (Once again comes the spring). Our rendering of selections from Tielman Susato’s dance suite Danserye in its entirety will bring to mind open-air dancing, a venue for many a budding romance.

The effects of unrequited or spurned love are presented in such gems as Willaert’s Aspro core e selvaggio (A harsh and savage heart). Accompanied by gambist Helen Ramsdale and harpsichordist Bailey Duff, Federman will demonstrate his playing prowess on three different recorder voices in John Dowland’s beloved Flow My Tears, originally a song scored for voice and lute.

The consort explores passion for God in Palestrina’s Missa Brevis, an excerpt taken out of the Kyrie from Guillaume Dufay’s Missa l’homme arme, and John Taverner’s In nominee (In the name of the Lord), performed by four consort soloists Waltraud Peka, Bev Neale, Bob Rivers, and Barb Jepson.

The concert ends with a rousing rendition of Packington’s Pound, which will feature all the members of the consort as soloists, each giving their own interpretation of this dance tune.

After the concert, the audience is invited to join the consort for refreshments and conversation in Grace Hall.

Donations gratefully accepted. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

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