About the Consort

The Rosewood Consort is a semiprofessional early music ensemble that specializes in repertoire from the Medieval through late Classical eras (c. 1200 – 1800), as well as Christmas and folk music. Rosewood regularly performs on all voices of recorder (from sopranino to contrabass), viola da gamba, and keyboard.

The Rosewood Consort greatly appreciates the weekly rehearsal space provided by Grace Lutheran Church in Hamilton, ON since 2010.

Rosewood Consort is very happy to announce we will be rehearsing at Dundas Baptist Church, 201 Governors Rd, Dundas starting in 2021.


The Consort began in the 1980s as part of the Mohawk College recorder program. In 1994, it moved to Melrose United Church and named itself the Melrose Consort. Its main goal at that time was to provide a place where people could practice and improve their recorder playing for their personal enjoyment and education. The move from Melrose as the ensemble’s home base prompted the change in name to the Rosewood Consort.

Under Bob Rivers, who was hired as conductor in 2008, the consort began playing for the general public in a number of locations. Other instruments, namely the viola da gamba and the harpsichord, were added to give more variety and richness to our sound. Bob retired in June, 2014, at which time Stephane Potvin was hired as Music Director, who served until the end of 2018.

The Rosewood Consort is currently under the direction of David Federman.


What our audience said about Six Christmas Stories (December 2019)

“Superbly executed concert!”
“Such a delight to hear different musical instruments played so well!”
“Thank you for a relaxing start to the Christmas season.”
“The beauty of your sound brings both a state of joy and at times a meditative state. With thanks for a lovely program, the exquisite graphics and moments of magic.”

What our audience said about Love, Loss, and Passion: A Musical Tour of Renaissance Europe (June 2019)

“Enjoyed being transported back in time.”
“Fascinating instruments and wonderful music.”
“Outstanding! Enjoyed the capped reeds.”
“Excellent musicianship. Terrific entertainment.”

What our audience said about Christmas Around the World (December 2018)

“The clear and beautiful sound is mesmerizing!”
“Enjoyed the global variety of the Christmas music, refreshing change from the standard carols.”
“A peaceful hiatus in the busy holiday season.”
“Very pleasant and soothing Christmas music.”

December 23, 2019

Dear Members of the Rosewood Consort,

It is with genuine pleasure that we write to thank you for your time and contribution to our Christmas in the Courtyard event at the Juravinski Cancer Centre this year. Your visits are always memorable and meaningful to patients, their families and to many staff as well.

We wish you and your loved ones the very best of health and happiness during this festive time and throughout the year ahead.


Dr. G. Okawara
Christmas in the Courtyard
Juravinski Cancer Centre